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Where are you located?
I'm am everywhere!  I love to travel + do it as much as I can.
I was born in Milwaukee, WI + I call Fort Collins, CO home.
I live in the cutest little blue house in Old Town + was once on House Hunters!

How do I book my date?
I require a 50% retainer with contract in order to book your wedding date.
The final amount is due 45 days before your wedding. Payment plans can always be made!

What gear do you have in your bag?
I shoot on Canon Full-Frame Cameras + an assortment of Canon + Sigma Art Lens'.
All my gear is insured. 

Do I get ALL the photos?  Can I edit them?
Every photo you receive is edited, therefore, I give you the best photos taken from the day which usually ends up being at least 500 images, but usually more.  I ask that you don't edit any photos, that's why you hired me!

How long until I get my photos?
2-3 weeks for Portrait sessions.  8-10 weeks for wedding. 

Can we duplicate all my favorite photos on Pinterest?
I often gather inspiration from Pinterest, it's a great community to find ideas for projects and share beauty, but I will never copy the work of another artist.  You are original, I want you to have your own images that are filled with your authentic love, joy + life!  If we work off a list, it often leaves people feeling like they need to be something they are not.  I want you to be you.  Authentic + wonderful!  We will do art that other people want to pin on pinterest!

Can you make my photos black + white, but keep the flowers in color?
Nope. Never ever.  If you're asking this question, I'm not the photographer for you. 

Will you cry at my wedding?
Without a doubt, yes.